Birthday Parties

Call Now! (818) 266-7742 or email us at    Reservations required for all groups.

Do you have a park near your house? Or a big backyard? We set up practically anywhere, fast. Our state of the art laser tag guns work perfectly outdoors and in broad daylight. So name the time and the place and we'll give you a game that's fun and exciting! 

 Our friendly referees will arrive early, usually 2 hours before the games begin, to set up inflatable bunkers for the laser tag players to hide behind.

Then for 2 hours our referees will conduct fun and exciting laser tag scenarios with your group such as elimination, protect the president, capture the flag, medic and king of the hill. 


When you book we'll send you as many invitations as you think you'll need.  These are included with your package at no extra charge.


Call or email today to book your kid's laser tag birthday party.

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