Games We Play

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After we completely set up the inflatable bunkers, we meet with the players for a 10 minute orientation to explain how to use the laser tag guns, rules of the game and safety rules.  Then we separate the players into two teams.  Each team chooses a hedband color for their team, then our referees hand out the laser tag guns.  Our goal for the two hours of laser tag team play is to hopefully play 2 games of elimination, 2 games of protect the president, 2 games of capture the flag and 2 games of medic.  Every time a team wins a game the team gets 1 point for the win.  During the final team game the team behind in points has a chance to catch up because the whole team gets a point every time anyone on the team "shoots" another player on the other team.  After the team games are finished and the team scores are tallied and a winning team has been declared, the players will play a free for all, king of the hill if time permits.

Our laser tag is not played like indoor laser tag where it is an individual game of gaining the most points.  It is played more like paintball where the primary goal is to eliminate players from the other team by taking "lives" away.

The following are descriptions of some of the Games We Play:

1. Basic Tag / Elimination
Each player starts with 2 to 9 lives depending on how long you want the game to last. The teams start on opposite ends of the field. When the game begins it is best that for the first 2 or 3 minutes the players are not allowed to cross the middle. This eliminates chaos at the beginning of the game where players are running all over the place with no real game plan. After 2 or 3 minutes the referee yells “You can cross, you can cross!” This is when the teams go after each other for closer shots. Always remind the players to stay 5 feet away from each other’s face so no one gets poked in the eye with the gun. It’s the referee’s job to constantly remind the players of this throughout each game. NO Physical Contact

2. Capture the flag (2 versions)                                                                                 a. Base Flags                                                                                                            Each base has a flag. Capture the other team’s flag and return it to your base to win. In case each team has the other’s flag, the first one back to their own base and yells "Game Over" (or blows a whistle if playing on a large field) is the winner. If a player is “dead” while holding the flag (before he makes it back to his base) he must stand still until a team mate grabs the flag and advances it toward the base. Every player should start with only 1 life. When a player is “dead” he must walk off to the side of the field, unless he is the one holding the flag.

b. Center Flag                                                                                                          Place one flag in the center of the playing area. Both teams try to capture the flag and advance it to the opposing teams base to win. Every player should start with only 1 life. Same rules apply as in the Base Flags game.

3. Paintball style                                                                                             Everyone starts with only one life. When you’re “dead” you hold your gun in the air and walk off the field and wait until the game is over. The winning team is the one that eliminates) the entire other team. People play a lot more carefully with only one life. The game is the same as Elimination above.

4. Protect the President                                                                                        Each team is assigned a president. Each team knows who the other team’s president is. The presidents start with 4 or 5 lives, everyone else with only 2 each.. The object of the game is to protect your president and "kill" the other team’s president. The team that kills the other team’s president first wins.

5. Medic                                                                                                                Each team is assigned a medic. The medic starts out with four lives. Everyone else has only 1 life each. As long as your team’s medic is still alive you can run to the referee to get reset if you’re “dead”. But when your medic is dead no one on your team can get reset. Of course the medics can never get reset. So the object of the game is to protect your medic while going after the other team’s medic. The team that eliminates all the players, including the medic, on the other team wins.

6. Attack and Defend                                                                                             Give each player on one team 9 lives. Give each player on the other team 1 or 2 lives each. The team with 9 lives is the attacking team, while the other team secretly hides randomly behind the bunkers, they are the defenders. The referee uses a stop watch to time how fast the attackers can eliminate all the defenders. When done, the defenders become the attackers and the previous attackers become the defenders. Whichever team can eliminate the other team in the fastest time wins.