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We would like to thank some of our customers who have taken time out of their busy lives to send us a note thanking us for the fun we provide.


"Dear Laser Tag USA,  Navaz & John, Thank You for the fun - it was super!. It's really great! From, Jackson. Thank you for being so great!"

John & Hayley


"Mr. & Mrs. McLinn (Lasertag USA) Thank you so very much for all your time & help. We couldn't have had a successful 'Barn Party' without you! You're greatly appreciated!!"     

 God Bless, M.S. Student Council



"Please feel free to use me for an A+++ reference!

Thank you so much for providing the best birthday for my 10-year old son! The boys had an amazing time, and you truly make a fun and worry-free party for parents!"

Truly, Lori Weiss


We had a great party for our son a month ago. I actually noticed some pictures on your website of the kids at Charlie's party. They will be excited to see them. All his buddies loved that party, especially the little 5 year old blonde cousin, George.


"Wow. Did they have a great time... your guys were great... Thanks again."


"Thanks again for a wonderful and memorable party for Tanner."

Audrey and Mike


"What a great party, please share these pictures with your wonderful boys (staff), they were a pleasure."

F. Harris